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NPR Examines the Drug War’s Effect on Mexican Children

Bullying is nothing new in elementary and middle schools worldwide.  But in Mexico, that bullying is starting to take on a different face in some places, resembling less like the playground taunts and hurtful sayings of yore, and more like the organized crime and overt violence that at present, has overtaken parts of Mexico.  According to NPR’s report, this childhood imitation of narco-traffickers (going so far as to threaten fellow students with dismemberment and disappearance) and the shift in how kids behave, in and out of school, has a lot to do with what they see around them.  Drug violence is seen on TV or in their communities every day and the increased violence is affecting the whole experience of being a child in Mexico and how they view their futures.

Listen to the full NPR report here, and check out the related (and controversial) “Niños Incómodos” public service announcement depicting Mexican children as drug runners, corrupt cops, and jail inmates here.


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